Moff animal world

Moff animal world has a cat room, a bird park, a farm area where sheep and alpacas live, as well as reptiles, owls, large parakeets, and even penguins! It is a facility where you can learn about animals through interacting with the animals and experience feeding them.

Moff animal cafe

Moff animal cafe ( Cat cafe MOFF) is a café where you can enjoy our original latte art drinks together with cats, or other small animals. You can spend a quality time interacting with cats or other small animals with variety of drinks.

Cat Café MOFF

Moff-Moff petting zoo

Moff-Moff petting zoo is a place where you can meet small animals, owls, exotic animals. Each store has a different kind of animals so you can have different ways of enjoying each store.

Cokkun cat cafes

Playing with cats, petting them, cuddling them, and talking with friends and family. Surrounded by free-spirited cats, please spend your free time in a healing space.